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20th September

Welcome back to our blog, what a busy couple of weeks we have had!


In English we have been inventing our own marvellous medicine just like George. We thought of all sorts of disgusting things we could include to give to his Grandma and then wrote our own instructions about how to make it.


In Maths we have continued our work on measuring. We have learnt about measuring length, mass and capacity. We now know the length of something is how long or tall it is, the mass of an object is how heavu it is and the capacity of an object is how much it holds. Aren't we clever?


In Topic we have been researching significant people from wonderful Wigan. We have learned about Richard Ashcroft, Sir Ian McKellen, June Croft, George Formby and Theodore Major. We have talked about why they are famous and shared our research with our friends.


Our Science has been all about what animals need to stay alive and how they change as they grow. We know all living things need air, water and food to stay alive and have looked at the life cycle of a butterfly.


Our PSHE has been all about how to keep safe at home. We thought of lots of ideas about how to be safe such as not touching things if we don't know what they are, not going near hot pans and irons and keeping our rooms tidy so we don't trip over.


As you can see we have been very busy little bees in Year 2!


That's all for this week, see you again next week


from Miss Rose, Ms Rose and all of Y2W

x x x