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21st June

Another busy and hardworking week in Year 3. Keep it up everyone!



This week we have been learning a story title ‘The Canal’, a warning story about two young boys who foolishly play by a canal. Alongside this, we have worked on using inverted commas and writing setting descriptions.


Ask your child if they can tell you the story, you will be impressed!



We have been learning all about time this week. We started out with a recap of o’clock and half past, then moved on to telling the time in fifteen-minute intervals and then five-minute intervals.


You can help at home by having an analogue clock on display and regularly asking your child to tell you the time.



Science this week has been all about food chains and habitats. We have learnt about produces, consumers and predators as well as what food chains exist in different habitats.



We have continued this terms topic by learning all about some coastal landmarks across the U.K. Children identified where a landmark was on a map and learnt what makes it special.



More rounders for year 3 this week. The children enjoyed playing a scaled down game of rounders to practice their batting and fielding skills.


Well done to Brodie Taylor who was our certificate winner this week. Brodie showed fabulous grammar knowledge and achieved his bronze times tables badge. Keep up the hard work Brodie.


Have a great weekend!