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23rd March

This week we have been learning all about Oliver again, but this time 'Oliver's Fruit Salad'.

Oliver didn't want to go shopping with Mum, but when he did he told his Mum all about the amazing fruit his Grandpa grew in his own garden.  So...Mum bought lots of different fruits from the shop and when they got home she showed them to Oliver and told him he could taste them all.  Oliver then said 'But I don't like fruit'!  Can you imagine how Mum felt!?  Then later when Grandpa came over to their house he made Oliver a fruit salad and Oliver ate it all!


So, we talked about the things we like to do at our Grandpa's homes and what our Grandads are like.


Jenson told us that his Grandad fixes toys in his shed.  Jenson has also been imitating this play, pretending to be his Grandad mending our bikes outdoors.

Grace and Ava-Mae explained how they have beans on toast at their Grandad's house and Grace likes to eat all of his toast!


Heidi explained that she talks to her Grandad using her hands because he can't hear her when she talks and they have lots of different hand signs to communicate.


Aren't Grandad's very special?



We threaded fruit in continuous provision and explored lemons and oranges.  WE cut them and squeezed them looking at the juice that came from them.  We also painted about pineapples and strawberries in the creative area.

We also made fruit kebabs.  We tasted lots of different fruits- pineapple, mango, orange, apple, kiwi fruit, banana, plums and pears.  We then cut up the fruit and skewered it onto a kebab stick and ate it for snack!  The children tried all of the different fruit which made the grown ups very happy- if you don't try the food then you don't know if you like it!  


The children have had a fabulous week learning about how to be healthy.  We know that fruit, vegetables and exercise is a good way to begin a healthy lifestyle.


Here are some more pictures from the continuous provision this week

We would also like to welcome these little superstars into the number 4 club!  We hope you had a lovely birthday!


It is parent's meetings on Monday and Wednesday this week- please find the appointment time list on the door into pre-school.


Also, we break up for Easter on Thursday- we will be focussing our learning around this all next week.


See you all then!