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23rd October

This week we have been reading the story 'Winnie the WItch'


Winnie lives in a black house, everything is black- even her bath!  The problem is that her cat 'Wilbur' is black too and this causes a big problem.  Ask your child what Winnie did to Wilbur and how she solved the problem in the end.


We talked about how Wilbur felt at different points in the story and how we can be a good friend.


We also enjoyed painting a pumpkin.  We put it out everyday on the creative table and asked the children to explore colour mixing to paint and layer the colours on the pumpkin.

We also enjoyed carving pumpkins in small groups.  We were invited to scoop out the insides using our hands, but most of us preferred the plastic scoop!  Some of us tasted the pumpkin.  It tasted a bit like carrot we thought.
We enjoyed the enhancements in the continuous provision too!

And the number 4 club has another new member!


Happy Birthday!

We hope you have a lovely half term and a safe Halloweeen.


See you on Monday 2nd November