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24th November

This week we have been on a sensory style Bear Hunt!


We used saltdough to create a cave for our little bears.  We talked about a bear's home and how bears live in the wild.  We related this back to story, thinking about how the bear looked a little sad at the end and what we could do to keep him safe and warm.


The children enjoyed mixing the ingredients together to make the saltdough noticing the changes in the mixture as water was added.

You can make very basic saltdough at home to create a rang of things.  As Christmas is fast approaching why not try to make a decoration for Christmas tree?


1 cup of plain flour

Half a cup of salt

Mix water slowly into the mixture until it is able to be handled.

If it is too sticky simply add a little more flour.


Once you have created your design place in the oven on a very low temperature (about 120 degrees) for 2-3 hours.  The saltdough will have become very hard and you can decorate it!




We also used our feet and hands to experience the different textures of the things the family came across in the story.

We recalled the language used in the story and the order of the different obstacles the family faced.

We have also been very active this week taking part in the Healthy Lifestyles activities of tasting new fruit and moving to keep our bodies healthy, and been to PE aswell as being busy and active in the outdoor area!  Take a look at the bike train!

Thanks for popping by

See you next week