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26th January

Can you believe this is the last Friday in January already?


We will soon have lighter mornings and evenings and fingers crossed warmer days!


This week we have been focussing our learning on a profession that helps us and our pets.  THE VET!

We have had a Vet role play area and the children have loved taking their cuddly pets to the vets and having them treated for broken legs and fins, poorly tummies and sore heads and ears.  They have been taking their pets for walks around the classroom and simply enjoying acting like grown ups and exploring the provision in the classroom.  



In addition to our Vets role play, we have been reading the story of Dear Zoo.  

The children love shouting the repeated refrain 'So I sent it back!' 

All children enjoyed reading the story and matching the animals to their description in the book through continuous provision.  

We also painted the patterns of the animals from the story and these can be seen on our display board in class, so please take a look next time you are in.


On Wednesday some of us stayed in class working on our fine motor skills and some of us went to the hall to work on our gym routine.


In the hall we have been practising different ways of moving.  We have jumped, rolled, balanced and moved from one place to another using different ways.  Holly, Casey, Mason D, Evan, Lucas, Charlie, Pippa and Callum were amazing....please ask to see your child's video!

Well done to the children who thought of their own routine and executed it completely independently.  The sense of pride they got from this was a joy to see!

On Thursday, Mrs Saunders baked scones with four children.  

They baked them in the morning then we all got a chance to eat them at snack time in the afternoon.  They were delicious!

On Friday, we have three students from Deans Trust.  The childcare students come into Nursery and work with their buddy in the Nursery setting as part of an initiative called 'Teens and Toddlers'.

This week they have been creating a canvas to displayed in school.  They have begun this project by painting the canvas with their buddy using two primary colours and mixing them to make a tertiary colour.  They look amazing.  Next week they will add on little details of the same colour to create a masterpiece!

In addition to this here is our weekly slideshow of all the things we have been doing in continuous provision

Next week we are going to be learning through one of our favourite tv programmes 'Paw Patrol' so pop by next week to see which pups have been on the case!


See you soon