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27th January 2017

Hello and thank you for visiting our 3F Class Blog.


We hope you enjoy having a look at what we have been up to in class this week.


Well done to our class ‘Pupil of the Week’ Mitchell, who was chosen for this week’s award as he is making fantastic progress in all areas of the curriculum. Keep up the amazing work Mitchell!smiley


A very special mention this week also to those children who have earned a ‘Pen Licence’. These are very special as they are given to a child when they show they are making great progress with their handwriting. In Year 3, we are working hard to use joined handwriting which is really tricky until you master it. Well done to you all! smiley


Well done as always to our amazing children who read each day at home and also remember to bring in their Reading Record book signed. Keep up the great work! Please can we ask that you all do this as it makes a huge difference to the progress your child makes.smiley


In English, we started the week recapping on the features of an information text and looking at leaflets, then created our own leaflets about Roman Roads.

We have learnt the rule for when to use ‘a’ or ‘an’ in our writing and enjoyed playing a sorting game to make this fun!

After that, we went on the read the really funny book ‘Vesuvuis Poovius’ by Kes Gray. No doubt the children have told you all about it! It is all about a Roman inventor who is trying desperately to solve a ‘pongy’ problem! He invents the toilet! The children predicted what it was going to be about, then went on to write setting descriptions for what Rome was like before and after Vesuvius’s invention!

In our reading groups, we have finished our ‘Bones’ book. We predicted what we thought each section would be about before reading it, clarified words we weren’t sure about, asked questions to help us understand what we had read and then summarised the main points. Please can we remind you to try and do this at home when you read together as it’s a great way of helping your child to understand what they are reading. We are doing this with each book we read together in school.

In Maths, we have been doing division by chunking and then progressed to using the short division method. Some of us are real whizzes at this!

In Computing, the children were introduced to programming using the computer software ‘Scratch’. This was really tricky, but the children did amazing. We are looking forward to more of this next week!

Science this week, has been learning that light can be reflected off objects. In groups, we made reflection testers and then used them to test the reflectivity of different materials.

In our Roman’s topic we looked at the invention of Roman Baths and now know what they were and all about the different amenities they contained.


French this week has been ‘Action Words’. WOW, we are doing amazing with this! Do you know what the meaning of these phrases are?

Tapez les mains                                          (Clap your hands)  

Croisez les bras                                           (Fold your arms)

These are just a couple of the ones we are getting really good at!


As you can see, we have been really busy. These are just some of the fun things we have done this week.


We hope you will visit our blog again next week to find out what we have been finding out


Have a lovely weekend and take care,


From Everyone in 3F smiley