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29th September

 Another good week in Year 3. Well done to Jessica Harrison, who received the certificate of achievement for her simply wonderful rhyming poem.


In Science we were learning about joints. We learned that there are 3 types of joints in our bodies.-the ball and socket joint, the hinge joint and the sliding joint. We then had great fun finding out which joints we use when walking, jumping,eating and kneeling.


In our English lessons we thoroughly enjoyed listening to a poem called The Sound Collector, we then went around school collecting our own sounds.

the vibration of the photocopier

the beeping of a computer

the rustling of paper

On Friday we wrote out our own poems trying very hard with the setting out of our poems and our handwriting.


French was another great session, the children are really working hard and are amazing us with what they remember week on week. They know the main primary colours, numbers 1-5 and some of them know numbers 1-10 plus they listened to the story Toutes les Colours and fully understood.----wonderful.

Look forward to seeing you all on Monday morning

     From all in Year 3 smiley smiley