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2nd February 2018

Welcome back!


It's been another busy couple of weeks in 2WF! 

In English the children have been reading Little Red Riding Hood and writing letters. Some children pretended to be Little Red Riding Hood and write a letter to her mum apologising for straying off the path and talking to strangers. Others wrote a letter pretending to be the Wolf and wrote a letter to the Huntsman asking him to take the rocks out of his belly and apologise for eating Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood. The children have also been collecting vocabulary to describe the wolf and will be writing a description. 


In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and division word problems. The children had to read the problem and decide if it was asking to divide or multiply. Then they could use their array work to help them solve the problem. 


In Science we looking at materials and if we could change it's shape. We tested different materials to see if we could squash it, twist it, bend it or stretch it.  Check out our pictures below.


This week we have continued to learn about the Great Fire of London and completed a comprehension activity about it. Next week we will be watching videos to see what London was like before the fire. 


We hope you have a great weekend!

Love Miss Mousdell and Mrs Turton