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2nd February

Hello everybody!
It is lovely to see you all again.


This week we have been learning all about Paw Patrol through our topic of 'People who help Us'

We thought about the different jobs the pups do and created a 'Chase' Award and an 'Everest' award.  The Chase award was given to a child each day who was helpful in the classroom- sharing the toys with their friends, helping at tidy up time, getting their friend a plae, cup or drink at snack time and lots of other things too.

The Everest award was for given for being a good friend outdoors.  We play outside all day and in different kinds of weathers.  This award was given to children being a good friend for helping, sharing, caring and playing nicely with someone else.


The children have cleared the Star Of The Day box of prizes this week as we awarded them for their brilliant friendship skills this week.


One of our adult led activities was to complete a pattern of the pups and/ or create a pattern of our own.  The pattern had to be repeating but they could choose their own favourite pups to make it.



We have also been practising our scissor skills and pencil control.  This week we made shakers using yoghurt pots and straws.  We had to cut the straws and then scoop them inside a yoghurt pot.  We then cut the making tape and stuck it around the join of the two pots.  We has a little help with this part, but the cutting part was independent and we did fantastic!
On Thursday, Mrs Saunders baked some more scones with us.  This time we put raisins in the mixture and once again we ate them for snack in the afternoon!  Mrs Saunders is helping us understand how ingredients can change when they are mixed together and how to be safe and hygienic when baking and preparing our snack.

In continuous provision this week we have been finding simple patterns in pictures, practising writing the sounds we have learned about in Letters and Sounds, fishing for turtles (they have shapes on the bottom and we had to name them), practising pencil control in a fun way through colouring, painting a box to become our new Star of the Day prize box and much, much more!


We have now jumped onto the yellow balloon (February) which means we have 4 birthdays to celebrate this month!  Look out for the pictures on here of the birthday children as we help them celebrate turning 4!


Next week we will be learning about the story Dinosaurs love Underpants thinking about patterns and will be creating fossils.


You can listen to the story on YouTube if you do not have the book to read at home.


See you all next week