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2nd October

Hello everybody!

We have now left the green balloon (September) and have jumped onto the blue balloon (October).

We are looking forward to soon seeing the leaves falling from the branches on the trees and having sycamore seeds to play with on the playground.  


This week in pre-school we have been learning all about an elephant called Elmer.  Elmer was different and he didn't like it.  He coloured himself grey to be like all the other elephants in the herd, but he realised that he quite liked being different in the end.



Colours in the classroom

We looked at mixing colours to create new colours.  This was lots of fun!  We painted one hand and then they other.  We then rubbed them together and the result was amazing!
We had lots of fun things to access in the continuous provision too.  We are getting very good at sharing the toys and waiting for our turn. 

We also thought about how Elmer is special and what makes us special.  Some of the responses were heart warming.


What a fun filled week we had!

Next week, we will be continuing our theme of 'Colours' by reading the book 'Brown Bear, Brown, Bear, What do you see?'


Have a great weekend

*** School will re-open to all pupils from Monday 8th March. Please see your Weduc account for further information. ***