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4th May

Hello everybody!


What a lovely week we have had and the weather this weekend has made it all the better!


We have been learning this week about the farm, in preparation for our trip to Stockley Farm on Friday.  


We have made handprint animals which can be seen on display in the classroom by the painting table.  We thought about the features of our favourite farm animal and turned our handprints into that animal.  It was so much fun.  We used the ipad to search for the animal then copied the features onto our painting.


We have also been baking.  We poured, mixed, stirred, kneaded and cut to create little pig biscuits.  We even mixed colours to create pink for the icing and then cut out triangles for their little piggy ears (you can see below in the continuous provision pictures)


We have also celebrated another child entering into the number 4 club......Happy birthday!

We have also been practising ways to move a ball.  We began by rolling it......
then throwing it....
then doing little kicks around the hall.....
AND THEN......kicking it as hard as we could with control to hit the cones and knock off the hat.  We then had to collect the hat and take it to our group cone.  It was so much fun!

On Friday, we visited Stockley Farm Park.  It was amazing!


We got the chance to:


  • Ride on a double decker bus
  • Sit on hay bales
  • Feed baby goats (they are called kids....just like us!)
  • Look at and stroke baby cows (calves), piglets, pigs, guinea pigs and rabbits
  • Play on the park!
  • Have an ice cream
  • Take a ride on a trailer
  • Have our photograph with a real tractor


It was a brilliant day and even the sun shone for us!

Next week, we will be using all of the knowledge and experiences that we gained whilst at the farm and from the lessons we have learned in class to talk about animals and their young and where our food comes from.


Looking forward to another amazing week in pre school Room 2!

See you all next week