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4th November 2016

Welcome back to you all,

We have had another great week in our 3F class.

In English, we have enjoyed a Halloween and Bonfire Night themed week. We began by using ‘The Hairy Toe’ book and predicting what we thought it would be about from looking at the front cover.

Then, we went on to read the beginning and write our own story endings, we had some amazing ideas!

After that, we wrote some fantastic descriptions and Acrostic Poems about Bonfire Night.


Every day, we are working hard on our spellings so that we can get our spelling badges and show what super spellers we are. It would be great if you could help with this at home.



In Maths, we have continued looking at Column Addition and are getting really good at it. We can now regroup our ones, tens and hundreds…WOW!

Have a go at these…


686+787 =

658 + 574 =

595 + 645 =


How did you do?


 We are also continuing to learn our Times Tables. Practising EVERY day really does make a HUGE difference. Please help by working on these at home.


This half term, we are doing Gymnastics in PE and have started by learning to finds different ways to travel in a given space. We really enjoyed exploring by working in pairs.


Have a look at some of our ideas …


As this weekend is Bonfire Night we have been learning about why we celebrate at this time and very importantly how to stay safe.


Have a great, fun weekend and we look forward to hearing al about it from the children on Monday.