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6th March

Hello everyone!


This week in pre-school we have been learning about 'Changes'


We have now jumped onto the pink balloon (March) and we have noticed that in the world through our classroom window, flowers are starting to grow and that leaves are appearing on trees again.


We were introduced to the names of the seasons and we now know that the seasons repeat over and over again just like the days of the week.  We found it very funny spinning in a circle, pointing to spring, summer, autumn and winter then going back to the beginning all over again!

We sorted pictures into the correct season and talked about how it does not always snow in winter.

We know that Halloween happens in Autumn, Christmas happens in Winter and Easter is in Spring.  We found out which season our birthday happens in and labelled the birthday balloons according to the season they occur in.


We have also been learning about shapes this week in the continuous provision and our maths groups.

We made 2d (flat) shapes and 3d shapes with the toys.

We also loved playing under the veranda in our outdoor classroom.  The children like having the roller shutter open and can talk to their friends whilst they play outdoors.
Since we came back from the Christmas holidays some of the children have been showing phonetic awareness.  We have developed this through our phonic sessions and this work is the result so far!
We also celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as a book character

We have also welcomed a new member into the number 4 club!

Happy Birthday!

We had lots of physical fun in our ActivLiving session on Friday morning
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