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6th October

Hello again!

This week we have been learning more about Goldilocks and the three bears.

We looked at different patterns on the three bears bowls.  We found stripy patterns, star patterns, triangle patterns and spotty patterns!

We also found these patterns on the children's socks and tights at carpet time.


We also used different things from the classroom and felt them to see if they felt hard or soft, just like Goldilocks did in the three bears' house.

We not only found out which was hard and soft, but we used other words like 'sharp', 'smooth', 'cold', 'bumpy' and 'spikey'.


We then drew some pictures about the Goldilocks story.  Lyric and Holly also completed their home learning challenge! Well done!




Please remember to do your home learning tasks as the children will receive lots of praise from the grown ups and their friends at carpet time.  

This weeks task is to draw a picture about their favourite nursery rhyme.  

We look forward to hearing all about it


Bye for now!