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8th December

Maths- The children have been working hard on perimeter of various 2D shapes. Firstly, we counted the squares around the shapes. Then another day the children were given the measurements of 2 of the 4 sides and finally the children had to use rulers to accurately measure the sides of the shapes and then work out the perimeters.



We got to film our music assembly. Click the link to watch it.

Topic- We investigated some images of Stone Age cave paintings. In our sketch books, the children then produced 4 pictures in the style of cave art.

Picture 1- hunting animals

Picture 2- fishing

Picture 3- the cave and fire

Picture 4- hunting and gathering fruits, nuts and berries.

English- This week we have been working on The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. We shared the magnificent illustrations and told the story ourselves. Then the children described a scene out of the story, plus a description of the snowman. What fabulous writing the children produced, they used some wonderful descriptive phrases. Have a lovely weekend from all the staff in Year 3.