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8th June

Hello again!

We hope you all had a lovely half term in the sun.  What an amazing week it was for good weather!

The children have told us all about their adventures during the half term with their families as this week we have been learning all about ourselves and our families.


We used Google Earth to talk about where we live and visit some of the places we have been before and enjoyed.

Some children took us to the beach, some to the farm and Pippa took us to Santa Susanna!


Heidi, Nataya, Wiktor and Alfie could use the street view to get from our school all the way back home!  Their parents were so impressed.



beach, have ice cream, went in water, Mummy, Daddy and Becca, make sandcastle


Kian talked about having a BBQ at his house and told us who came and what they ate.  He also talked about visiting London.



We went in a taxi to the airport then we went on a plane.  Someone took my water balster by accident!  

That's Planet Earth, its in deep space!



We went to the caravan in Wales.  I played with a risby and a shark thrower and football.  It was me, Dad, Mum and Amy. We went back to the caravan and Daddy got fish and chips for tea.


The children's responses were fantastic- we were pleasantly surprised!


We have also been on caterpillar watch all week.  The caterpillars turned into crysalis' over the half term and on Monday they were still inside.


And on Tuesday.........


and on Wednesday......


BUT, on Thursday morning Mrs Rothwell came into school and 4 of our caterpillars had emerged and were now beautiful butterflies!  Cattie, Sophia, Skye and Nikyta were stretching their wings and drinking the juice from the orange but lazy Harry was still inside.

We watched and we watched all day on Thursday waiting for Harry to emerge.  Mrs Rothwell came out of the group room after finshing her Letters and Sounds group when Evan ran over to say he had emerged!  Mrs Rothwell ran to the habitat only to find out Evan and Charlie had tricked her.  They were laughing so hard! 

On Friday morning, Harry had emerged and we had 5 healthy, beautiful butterflies.


In the afternoon, we took them to the ALPS and released them.  It was such a magical experience.


In assembly this week every class has chosen a team to support for the World Cup.  If our team wins then we will get a class prize!  Mollie went to assembly for our class and pulled out ARGENTINA! week we will be learning all about Argentina.  We may learn a bit of Spanish, try some sweet churros, bake empanadas and of course play a little bit of football.



See you next week when you can see all of the fun activities we partook in for World Cup Week