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8th November

This week we have been learning about Autumn.


We talked about the changes that happen in Autumn and we know that it gets colder, it is darker at night and the leaves fall from the trees onto the floor.


We read a story called 'Little Acorn' which follows an acorn's story from growing on the tree, falling from the tree in Autumn and being buried by a squirrel for his winter food.  Fortunately, he isn't eaten and the acorn grows and grows through the seasons into a giant oak tree.  This helped us to understand the cycle of the seasons and which balloons (months of the year) are in Autumn. 


We visited the area at the side of pre-school to see first hand what has happened to the large tree that has previously been full of green leaves.

We then brought the leaves into the classroom and compared size, colour and shape.

We had a nice surpirse when we found sycamore seeds in the bag too!  As we threw them up into the air Jacob U shouted 'It's spinning!'

We have also changed the layout of the classroom this week, it has given us more space to explore and expand our learning in the provision.

Here are a few pictures of us working hard and developing our speech and language skills with our friends.

We have got another member of the Number 4 club too!

Happy Birthday 


Please take note of the parent meeting information on the classroom door and also the important dates notice.


If you have any questions about the dates, please ask!


See you next week