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8th September

Welcome back!

This week we have been very busy settling back into the way of school life in Year 3!

This weeks star pupil was Amy Jones 



We have been learning the value of 3 digit numbers. This has involved us drawing numbers in model form, then partitioning and recombining 2 and 3 digit numbers.


This week we have worked towards writing a recount of our summer holidays. We started by creating a story board, then started our first draft remembering to write in paragraphs. Following that, we had to proof-read and edit our paragraphs. On Friday, we wrote our final recount in our brand new English books.


We have started to learn about the Wonderful World around us. We began by learning about the continents and oceans. We learnt a song to help us to remember them. Here are the lyrics:

There’s Asia and Africa,

North and South America,

Australia, Antarctica and Europe too!


There’s the Arctic, the Indian

The Pacific and the Atlantic

Then there’s the Southern Ocean too!


All that is left to say is all of the Year 3 teachers are proud to say, how well the children have settled and have a lovely weekend!

The Year 3 Team