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9th February



This week we have been learning all about Dinosaurs!


We have read the story Dinosaurs love Underpants and then we created patterns on an underpants template.

We ran a competition in class for the best pattern created.  We had to create stripy, rainbow, spotty, love hearts, stars and lots of other different patterns.  The winners were Scarlett for her stripy rainbow pattern and Leighton for his rainbow pattern.  Well done to both of you! 

We also looked at different types of dinosaurs and chose which was our favourite and why.


'I like the stegosaurus because he has a spiky back'- Evan


'I like the Apatosaurus because of his big long neck'- Holly


'The pterodactyl is my favourite.  Its got wings'- Jorge


'T-REX! It's big.  Scary!'- James


'Triceraptops got horns'- Billy J


The children have done amazingly well remembering information from the story.  We learned two new words and the meaning of these.


Nude- this means they have no clothes.  The cavemen from the story had to make their own underpants to stop themselves from feeling embarrased because in the days of dinosaurs there wasn't any supermarkets or shops to buy your underpants.


Extinct- this means when all of a species (dinosaurs) had died and there were no more.


We also explored painting shells and other natural materials in the creative area using different thickness of brush.  We also loved washing them at the end of the day- we got very wet but it was lots of fun!
On Wednesday, some children went to the hall to practise our throwing and catching skills.  We started with balloons and then tried throwing and catching with beanbags.  Mrs Rothwell made it really tricky as she asked us to throw the benbag and try to clap before we caught it.  We are going to practise lots of skills like this over the next few weeks to improve our co-ordination skills.
The other children stayed in the classroom and practised their scissor skills.  They cut out dinosaur picture and created some new wallpaper for our home corner in the room.  It looks amazing!

We have loved learning about Dinosaurs this week and on Monday we will be going into the ALPS to do a bit of planting.....I wonder what we might grow!?


We have also had another child in our class join the number 4 club- Happy Birthday Kian!  We hope you had a lovely day!


Here is a snapshot of what else we have been busy doing in our classroom this week.

Next week we will be reading the story 'How to Grow a DInosaur' and thinking about Pancake Day and St.Valentine's Day.....its going to be a busy week!


See you all next week