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9th March

This week we have been continuing to learn all around the story 'Jack and the beanstalk'


WE have been thinking about size and using language 'taller' and 'shorter' and ordering the beanstalks according to their height- from tallest to shortest or shortest to tallest.

Try this at home with your child- maybe you could measure the heights of your family by all standing in a line to see who is the tallest and who is the shortest!


We have also been thinking about why Jack and his Mum needed money.  We talked about what 'poor' means and what we need to use money for.

The children know that their mummies and daddies might go to work to get pennies and some children knew that we need money to buy shopping items like soup, sweets, ice cream and toys! 


In addition to this we have been busy making our Mummies a lovely surpirise for their very special day on Sunday because it is Mother's Day! (so any Dads out there who have completely forgotten.....don't worry!)

The children worked so hard to paint and thread their creations.



In addition to this, on Tuesday we introduced a new session into our day called 'Helicopter stories'.  The children tell a grown up their story.  This could be a single word or a lot of sentences (but no longer than the page!) then we act it out on the stage!  They have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their stories come to life on the stage and it is giving them an understanding that their words have an effect.


It has also been Caitlyn's birthday this week!  Welcome to the 4 club Caitlyn!  We hope your Mummy managed to eat some cake despite her heartburn!



Please have a look at the pictures of another busy week in pre-school.


Next week we will be learning about a story called 'Oliver's vegetables'- the children have been exploring our new fruit and veg role play shop today to prepare for the activities next week!