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Adventure Based Learning Blog

Adventure Based Learning Blog




Yesterday, we all went to Tarn Hows. The ride to Tarn Hows was truly bumpy! However, the views were amazing because the colours of the trees were honestly glorious: bronze, copper, rust and golden all mixed together. Beautiful!


We had a huge surprise when we arrived because the rest of Year Six (those from Hinning House) were waiting on the hillside. Everyone was thrilled to see each other because we had not seen each other in a while! There were lots of whoops and hugs!!


We walked up to a place where it was quiet and peaceful and ate our delicious lunch there. It had sheep pellets all around the area, so we had to be a bit careful!  Once we had had our dinner we had a run around and a chat about what we had done over the week so far! After a while, we scrambled down the slope and guess what happened ....?

Elisha Miller’s wellies got well and truly stuck in the mud! All the boys around were trying to help pull her out but Muscles Morgan (strong girl) managed it! 



As we walked down the path we saw all kinds of natural wonders: a black and white cow, (Mr Moore said they were Newcastle supporters) rabbits, money trees and cow muck. YUCK! It was a long and hard walk for some of us… but it was worth it!  After that, we drove to another lake called Coniston where we struck a deal with the Ice Cream Shop - only £1! Bargain!  Once we ate our ice cream we went to the shoreline where we skimmed stones and had a paddle and splash in the water. Later on, we had to get ready to go home so we said  a sad 'Good-Bye' to our friends and off we went back to the bus! On the way back, it was peaceful back because most of us were exhausted. The best thing was we got Mrs Lyon back ... HURRAY! We had missed her!




On Thursday we had a special visitor form Blakeley’s we learnt more about the “3Rs” (Reduce, Re-use and Recycle). It was interesting to learn about how different materials can be made from 'rubbish.'


After break, we had a brilliant literacy lesson linked to the John Muir award. In teams, we took part in a simile search before we were asked to find an object in the ALPS! Each group chose something different, like a leaf, a worm, a tree. We had to imagine what it would be like to be that object and how it would feel. We wrote a short passage describing what we would see and hear. The challenge was for the other groups to guess what our chosen object was. We tried really hard to use exciting, amazing vocabulary.




Wednesday  19.10.11
As it says on the Hinning House blog, we met our Year 6 friends and had a brilliant day out walking in the sunshine at Coniston. We couldn’t believe how beautiful the weather was – wonderful sunny blue skies. The scenery was breathtaking and why is it that sandwiches always taste better, when you are surrounded by nature?!


This morning we went to Haigh Hall and had a lovely walk around the grounds. We even went to the highest point in Wigan! The weather was mixed but we had a super time, splashing in puddles and playing hide and seek and TIG in the woods.

Later, we travelled to the Three Sisters and had lunch. After that, we split into groups and did some orienteering. It was quite challenging to find the signs and symbols and match them up to the map.

Finally, we had some fun on the playground!


The speaking team ‘ JEMS’ did brilliantly at the Junior Speaks competition. They used all the skills of public speaking: clear voice, gesture, pace, props, emphasis and superb eye-contact! Sadly, the team were runners-up, but in our eyes they are WINNERS!! Congratulations to Jamie, Shaun, Emily and Megan! 




Well, what a truly amazing week! We have some unforgettable memories of our special adventure week. A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make it possible!



We have spent the day reflecting on our week and completing our Adventure Learning Logs.


We are looking forward to half term and having a rest from all that fun!



We have just had an amazing day at Rivington. After getting kitted out into water proof jackets and trousers we were ready to set off into the wet and windy weather. 

We arrived at the car park and set off towards the terraced gradens, where, unbelievably, we had to shelter from HAILSTONE!!!!!

Our biggest achievement today is that we are the youngest school group to ever get to the top of Rivington Pike. It was hard work - but worth it!!!

On the way down, we stopped at Liverpool castle for lunch.

A great day had by all.