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All about Afterschool and Holiday Club

Important Information..


It is very important that you book your child/children into after-school club on a weekly basis, as the number of staff we have is reflected on the amount of children booked in. You need to book in or cancel by 1.00pm. If you do not cancel by 1.00pm you will still be charged.

We cannot stress enough that this is a safe guarding issue. If your child is not booked in with us, we cannot pick them up from school. 





In after-school we have self serve ongoing snack served until 4.30. This can be various things, for example; toast, crumpets, dips with breadsticks and vegetable sticks, hot dogs, chicken burger etc.

There is also fruit, milk and water accessible for the children throughout their time with us.


Things we do..

All our planning is done by the children. We ask them what they would like to do and this then becomes our weekly plan. Our staff also think of things they know the children would like to do or make and this also goes on the planning.

We do lots of crafting, painting, baking and colouring.

We have access to the outdoor playgrounds, football pitches and the field. 

We also have lots of board games, for example Pie Face, Guess Who, BattleShips, Monopoly, Ker-Plunk.

We have face paint, nail polish and make-up, dressing up, lego, a pool and air hockey table. 

We have a games with an Xbox, PS3 and Wii. We alternate which console we have on weekly.

We have a quiet area where the children can go to read a book, do their homework or just chill out.

We do a reward scheme where for any good behaviour the children get a star on their own individual chart. When this is full they get a dip in the prize box. We also choose 2 stars of the week who also get a dip in the prize box. There is no limit to how many stars they can get in one day! 

We do many competitions which we display on our wonder wall alongside any wonderful things the children have created. 


We also have a notice board which has details of the cost of after school, what we have been doing in each room each night and our stars of the week displayed there. 


I hope you enjoy looking through what we have been getting up to!


After School staff.