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April - May 2019

20th May - 24th May 2019


The theme the children wanted this week was party!!!

All the children were so happy this week with it being the last week of term. We always have lots of fun in the last week and we always have a party on the last day of term.


This week the children wanted to make the room ready for the party, so we made bunting by decorating 2 triangles each, one that had a picture of us and one decorated to reflect the children's personality. 

We attempted to make a pinata with papier mache but it wasn't very successful! The children loved getting messy doing it though. 

We used tissue paper to make garlands by cutting them into strips then twisting them around and attaching them to string. 


We had sparkly coloured playdough out in the messy tray, along with different coloured slime. 

We also made lots of designs with the hama beads. 


We got out the superheroes and the older children loved playing with those! 



13th - 17th May 2019


This weeks theme was Space. 


We made a solar system using circles of card to make planets, paint and different tools to make patterns on them. We then attached string to each planet then attached all those to anoter larger card circle.

We also made a space shuttle using toilet roll holders and card. The children really enjoyed designing those.

We made an alien space ship using paper bowls, stickers and tape to make them unique.

We also coloured alien masks and space rocket pictures.


We had a Design an Alien competition where the children had to design and write about their alien, telling us what its name is, what it liked and if it had powers or was scary or nice!

 The children loved this and it was so hard to choose a winner!

1st - Tillie

2nd - Jessica Mc

3rd - Holly


We explored different sensory things in our messy tray, we had galaxy slime, which was black with silver glitter, we had shaving foam with different blobs of colour and different glitters in. We also had hair gel mixed with pom poms.


We also tried to do a science experiment but it didn't quite work how it should! The children really enjoyed it though. 

6th May - 10th May 2019


This week the theme that won was Circus theme! 

We made carousels using paper cups and straws, juggling balls with balloons, flour and rice a dancing person using string and toilet rolls decorated to look like a clown. 


We baked chocolate crispy cakes and chocolate chip cookies too, they were so tasty!


We played outside alot whilst the weather was so nice, football matches on the MUGA and big playground, and we got the skipping ropes and tennis bats and balls out.




29th April - 3rd May 2019


The theme that won this week was Jungle Safari. 

We made a jungle safari picture using red and orange paint to create a sunset background then added silhouette pictures of different animals. They looked lovely when they were finished! We have painted zebras, made a giraffe using card and cut out tissue paper, and made binoculars using empty toilet roll holders, paint and sequins.


We coloured a spiral snake, animal masks and finger puppets.


We played in shaving foam with added drops of food colouring, and made lots of slime! 


We baked chocolate chip cookies and more jam tarts too this week.


The children loved playing with lego and knex and building all sorts of structures, racing the cars down the garage

23rd - 27th April

The children have requested more craft activities, so we have started to do themed weeks. The children vote for the theme they like the most and we plan crafts around that theme that we know the children would love.


This week we started with 'Under the Sea'.

We have made mermaids using glitter, sequins and gems, a fish or a turtle using a circle piece of card and buttons or gems. We made an under the sea plate using tissue paper, pipe cleaners and different foam animal stickers. We also made a stained glass window with blue and green bits of tissue paper stuck on sticky back plastic and silhouettes of different sea life animals. 


We have also done lots of baking, we made jam tarts, cakes, and flapjacks and decorated biscuits.


We have made slime, playdough and made designs out of hama beads.