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Westfield Community School A beacon of hope (Ofsted)

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Autumn 1

This half term we have been settling into our new classroom and getting to know the grown ups that work in our classroom.


Mrs Rothwell- She is our teacher.  She cares about every single one of us and gives lovely cuddles when we are sad.


Mrs Littler- She is our teaching assistant.  She works very closely with one little boy in the classroom in the morning but in the afternoon she helps us all make sure we have the toys/ things we need to play our fun games.


Mrs Baggaley- She is our teaching assistant.  She has moved into Nursery for the first ever time just like us.  She can't believe all of the amazing things we can already do and is looking forward to helping us learn even more!


Miss Robyn- She is our nursery nurse.  She has moved upto Nursery with a lot of the children from the toddler room.  She is brilliant at reading stories with us and working with the children who are learning English as a new language.


We have been learning about the different areas of the classroom and what we do there.

We have also been to visit the ALPS and explored the natural environment which we loved!
We have learned about exercising and why it is important every day.  We go on the daily mile for 20 minutes every afternoon.
We re looking forward to having a fabulous time filled with fun, laughter and learning in our pre-school classroom!