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Butterfly Room

Welcome to the Butterfly room, we are all so pleased with how the children are settling in and exploring their new surroundings. Full sessions start on Monday the mornings are 8.20-11.20 and afternoons are 12.00-3.00 

The children have enjoyed getting to know each other playing in sand, painting, sticking, play dough, outdoor play and snack time, i will update this blog every Friday informing you of how much fun we have had and keeping you up to date with any reminders- Take a look at our settling in days heartno

As we are coming to the end of the school year i have added some photos from our Butterfly journey i cant believe how little the children were in September 2016! Now they are all big and ready for their new adventure into preschool!

Myself Jenna, Mandy,Lauren and Beth are going to miss all the children very much we have loved getting to know and helping develop each and every child, thanks for being great parents and working so closely with us all heart

Take a look at all the fun we have had this year frown


This week we have enjoyed some Birthday treats- on Thursday Christopher shared his delicious paw patrol cake with us and Today Noah brought us all a cup cake - Big Happy 3rd Birthday to both boys thanks for the treats no

We have been very active this week visiting the new park and the wacky warehouse our walking skills are amazing high 5 everyone indecision

We have also enjoyed playing in our food shop talking about what kind of foods we like to eat this helps with our imaginative play and creative development.

Our PIP session went really well all the children listened to "going on a bear hunt" story then enjoyed mud play dough, sand play and balancing and jumping activities think some parents liked the play dough too frown

We have also enjoyed making a mess with cornflour, custard and hair gel we used our fingers to make marks then talked about what we had drawn take a little look sad

We have used our senses this week adding different items to paint making smelly paints we used toothpaste, hair gel, washing up liquid and lemon juice- everyone loved the toothpaste smell cheeky

We have enjoyed food tasting trying different fruits and vegetables including- Plums, celery, tomatoes, strawberries, carrot and cucumber- the strawberries were delicious but we wasn't too sure about the celery blush. We enjoyed a picnic outside in the sunshine we had different dips and breadsticks with raisons it was a very yummy picnic.

Billy Porter celebrated his 3rd birthday this week we sang happy birthday and got some sweets- thank you Billy we hope you had a great day frown

Luke and Billy are on our wow wall this week- Luke has done some brilliant cleaning and tiding up helping staff this week well done Luke you are a little star. Billy Porter has been so good he always uses his great manners and is a pleasure to have in nursery- high 5 Billy! heart


We have loved trying out new experiences this week.

Jenna blew up some gloves she tied them and then we painted with them making splat prints no Jenna also filled gloves with water and then froze them we explored the frozen ice hands and talked about how they felt, we all agreed they were freezing sad

We have done lots of baking this week- on Thursday we sold cakes for charity- thank you to everyone that bought cakes no Today (Friday) we have made biscuits for Fathers day, wonder how many daddys and grandads will get to eat their biscuit angel We would like to wish all the daddys, grandads, uncles and carers a happy and lovely Fathers day on Sunday heart

Our focused activity concentrated on maths development- different shapes were drawn on the floor and we had to match the different shaped objects to the correct shape on the floor, categorising objects by their shape and size is a good skill to learn. mail

We have also been visiting preschool using the computer interactive board and spending some time in our new class.. take a look...

what a great first week back after half term! This week we focused on our shape space and measure skills and our creative development- we played shape bingo matching and recognising shapes we enjoyed shouting bingo when we filled our boards. We got creative by dancing and moving to music we used musical instruments and created different sounds.

we have also painted using pegs and cotton wool this helped us connect our movements to the marks we made. We have been keeping our teeth nice and clean brushing them for 2 minutes everyday.

this week Darcie and Jayden celebrated their 3rd birthdays we enjoyed sweets and cake we all hope you had a great birthday xxxx

We have done some lovely activities in the sunshine this week- we made nature collages collecting things from our outdoor area and sticking them onto large paper- we picked grass, flowers and leaves we talked about the colours and how the objects felt. We have also been challenging ourselves balancing and jumping off the stepping logs this helped us to recognise danger and know who was there to support us no

We enjoyed painting with combs and brushes we made marks using cotton buds creating patterns and shapes.

We developed our technology skills by using remote control cars we figured out how to control them knowing which buttons to press frown We have also enjoyed drawing around each other with chalks we looked at the different sizes and talked about big and small Jenna was definatley the biggest cheeky

Our morning children enjoyed a day out to Smithills farm on Thursday all the children had a great time we went on a tractor ride, fed baby animals, played on the park and had a donkey ride a great day was had by all heart

Remember we finish for half term today - have a great week off hopefully there will be lots of sunny days to enjoy smiley

Our PIP sessions started this week we hoped you enjoyed our story and activity. Remember PIP is 9.00am for morning children and 2.00pm for afternoon children every Wednesday, if you are not taking part in PIP this time dont worry you will get a place on the next sessions!

This week we have enjoyed messy activities playing and mark making in custard, gloop, sand and paint we practiced drawing lines and circles using tooth brushes, combs, cotton buds and our fingers this helped us build on our physical development.

We have been using zips and fastenings this week- learning how to fasten and unfasten different things, coats, purses, bags, shoes and phone cases some things were very tricky but with a little help we did it no

We enjoyed walks outside in our wet suits, outdoor play, rice play in the water tray and we baked some delicious short bread biscuits.

This week Noah Joseph and Kian were put on the WOW wall- Noah has been a little star sitting on the potty and even had a wee on it too we are so proud of you well done Noahheart Joseph has been so kind and caring towards his friends this week he shares the toys and cares about everyone well done Joseph your such a lovely boy frown

Kian has built some amazing things this week out of duplo he built a tower that was bigger than him wow!! Kian has also been sitting on the potty and wearing big boy underpants high 5 Kian keep it up no

Take a look at our action packed week...


The sun has had his hat on this week smiley We have been out and about in the community going on listening walks- observing what we see, hear, smell and feel this helped us with our understanding of the world development- we enjoyed blowing sugar steelers!!

We have been very artisitic using stamps to paint and painting with brushes on the easel.

We categorised big and small spoons and used lots of size language this helped us with our shape space and measure skills.

We have also enjoyed sensory play and outdoor play.

This week Meral celebrated her 3rd birthday we enjoyed her My little Pony birthday cake! Hope you had agreat day Meral heart Ryley, Demi Lea and Meral were put on our WOW board this week- Ryley has really grown in confidence this term we are so proud of him. Demi Lea's speech and language has developed so much well done Demi Lea, Meral is always a pleasure to have in nursery she is so kind and thoughtful high 5 Meral no

What a great sunny week we have had. Last week we started our daily toddle everyday we have been running for 15 minutes to help us stay healthy, we are getting really good at it but it is thirsty work!

We have enjoyed hall time climbing and balancing helping us with our physical development we have enjoyed singing and rhyming our favourite song is sleeping bunnies surprise We used puppets to develop our language and communication skills the puppets really liked Mandy!

We have made a wow wall in our room the wow wall celebrates our achievements this week Zoe got a place on the wow wall as she is doing brilliant with her toilet training well done Zoe. Portia also went on the wow wall she has done some fab sharing this week she is so kind and thoughtful high 5 Portia!

Take a look at our action packed week......

We hope you all enjoyed your Easter break we have enjoyed lots of different activities this week. Our focused activities included finding out how different objects are used and how they work- this helped us with our investigation development. We also looked at ourselves in the mirror and talked about what we look like and how we are all different we then drew ourselves this developed our literacy skills and knowledge of the world. We have also enjoyed outdoor play shooting hoops with the basket ball smiley It was  Liams birthday this week- we hope you had a lovely day heart

We have had a fun packed week in the butterfly room. We have been busy keeping our teeth nice and clean brushing them for 2 minutes every day this develops our health and self care skills. we have all made a beautiful Easter card and used pens to make marks representing our names inside no

Some of us visited the Alps which is a outdoor classroom on the school grounds- we wore wet suits and went in the woods exploring this helped us to become familiar with our surroundings improving our knowledge and understanding skills. We have also been printing on paper using big and small objects we have displayed this on the wall in our room

Take a look at our pictures xx

Happy Easter everyone have a nice little break we return on Tuesday 18th April xx

This week we have been raising money for comic relief- thank you to everyone that has donated- we made yummy cakes and biscuits and had a fun red day with our mad hair and red clothes thanks for making the effort all the children looked amazing heart

Our focused activities this week included mixing and matching lids and bottle tops- we used our physical skills to pull and unscrew lids and tops then found the right bottle or container the lids fitted to we were great at this no

We also enjoyed making mothers day treats simling for our photographs to stick on our cards- We hope all you fabulous mummys and nannys have a great day on Sunday you all do such a brill job nosmiley

We have also created sounds with musical instruments developing our expressive arts and desgin skills- we like to be noisy cheeky Take a look....