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Butterfly Room

Welcome to the Butterfly room, we are all so pleased with how the children are settling in and exploring their new surroundings. Full sessions start on Monday the mornings are 8.20-11.20 and afternoons are 12.00-3.00 

The children have enjoyed getting to know each other playing in sand, painting, sticking, play dough, outdoor play and snack time, i will update this blog every Friday informing you of how much fun we have had and keeping you up to date with any reminders- Take a look at our settling in days heartno

As we are coming to the end of the school year i have added some photos from our Butterfly journey i cant believe how little the children were in September 2016! Now they are all big and ready for their new adventure into preschool!

Myself Jenna, Mandy,Lauren and Beth are going to miss all the children very much we have loved getting to know and helping develop each and every child, thanks for being great parents and working so closely with us all heart

Take a look at all the fun we have had this year frown


This week we have enjoyed some Birthday treats- on Thursday Christopher shared his delicious paw patrol cake with us and Today Noah brought us all a cup cake - Big Happy 3rd Birthday to both boys thanks for the treats no

We have been very active this week visiting the new park and the wacky warehouse our walking skills are amazing high 5 everyone indecision

We have also enjoyed playing in our food shop talking about what kind of foods we like to eat this helps with our imaginative play and creative development.

Our PIP session went really well all the children listened to "going on a bear hunt" story then enjoyed mud play dough, sand play and balancing and jumping activities think some parents liked the play dough too frown

We have also enjoyed making a mess with cornflour, custard and hair gel we used our fingers to make marks then talked about what we had drawn take a little look sad

We have used our senses this week adding different items to paint making smelly paints we used toothpaste, hair gel, washing up liquid and lemon juice- everyone loved the toothpaste smell cheeky

We have enjoyed food tasting trying different fruits and vegetables including- Plums, celery, tomatoes, strawberries, carrot and cucumber- the strawberries were delicious but we wasn't too sure about the celery blush. We enjoyed a picnic outside in the sunshine we had different dips and breadsticks with raisons it was a very yummy picnic.

Billy Porter celebrated his 3rd birthday this week we sang happy birthday and got some sweets- thank you Billy we hope you had a great day frown

Luke and Billy are on our wow wall this week- Luke has done some brilliant cleaning and tiding up helping staff this week well done Luke you are a little star. Billy Porter has been so good he always uses his great manners and is a pleasure to have in nursery- high 5 Billy! heart