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Just one final post for this academic year... We'd just like to thank parents and carers of the children in Choir for your continued support throughout the year.  Thank you for those who once again made it in this evening after school to watch our final rehearsal, we hope you enjoyed our singing, and that you like our latest CD (we'd really like to hear from you through our email address, so that we can post up your thoughts, further copies are still available to buy priced £3).  We wish you all a relaxing and pleasant summmer break, and look forward to meeting up with you again in September.


Stay classy San Diego


Well, we've only gone and done it haven't we?  We just couldn't resist... Yes, we've recorded what will be our 4th CD!  And you know what?  We think it's our finest work. Oh yes, we can see the headlines now....



We'll post up a little sample over the weekend for you to listen to -just to whet your appetite!  We've managed to record 10 songs -all of which sound amazing.  To top it all -Mr Moore has been busy figuring out a way to put a video on the cd too (which you can watch on your computer) -and we're nearly there.  So not only will you get 10 amazing tracks to play on your cd player but also a video of us recording too!  How good are we?
This Thursday will be our last Choir reheasal for this year -and we'd really like it if you could make it along.  This is when our CD's will go on sale (£3 -bargain!).  We also have our very own Choir email address -where you can contact us with your comments/requests/ideas.  Once you've heard our sample (which will be here over the weekend) why not email us with your thoughts -we'd love to share them on our blog.  Hope to see you next week...




(Go on email us your thoughts -you know you want to!)



Well we had to grab your attention somehowsurpriseWe are less than a week away from recording our CD -or `cutting our disc'!  Year Four children who attend choir and a handful of Year Five will record Wednesday morning, and the rest of Year Five and Year Six choir members will record on Thursday morning.  We will try and post some snippets (that's a nice word...MMmmmm) on Friday next week for your pleasure.  We have 10 songs to record from artist such as The Beatles (obviously -you didn't think Mr P would let us get away with that did you?) -all the way through to The Script and Shakira (oh, yeah!!!).  The CD's will go on sale the week after (hopefully -we're going to be busy copying etc), and will be priced at £3.00 -that's just 30p per track, which is cheaper than iTunes!  The CD is totally different to our others as it's going to have a little more production -we think it sounds excellent (and even applauded Mr P for his efforts -only on the one song mind, we didn't want him to get big headed!).  On Wednesday this week the choir teachers stopped in school late to put the finishing touches to it, and we'd like to say a great big thank you to them for all the extra work they have put in!





One final note -there will be no choir next week -Thursday 5th June, and the week after Thursday 12th June will be our last choir practice of this academic year.  We would like to invite you along to enjoy this last session with us -listen to us sing, and maybe join in for one or two.
In the meantime -Stay classy San Diego (snippet!)


10th June 2012

We are hoping to record the complete CD in the week beginning 2nd July.  Remember these are our first attempts.  When we have recorded in the past it has been quite similar to a choir rehearsal, we sing along to Mr Price playing the guitar.  On these songs, and for our CD, we will be singing along to the music that Mr Price has recorded -and we'll be using headphones.  This takes some getting used to!

Our CD track list so far has -Here Comes the Sun, Breakeven, I Don't Want To Talk About It, High on a Hill, To Make You Feel My Love, Put A Little Love In You Heart, She Will Be Loved, Girl Put Your Records On.  We're still thinking of two more that we'd like to record.

19th May 2012

Well just a little update. Yesterday, some of the Choir recorded a few songs ( `cut a few tracks, dude!'). This year our CD -which will be released in late June/early July, will be totally homegrown and organic. We have bought in some equipment to be able to record our work ourselves. This will hopefully give us more control over the quality of the final songs (I know, the fame tends to go to the heads celebrities
-we'll be asking for only orange MM's in our dressing cupboard next).
The good news is that these first few attempts have shown that we've made the right choice, and over the next week or so, we will post them up (with a link to a choir email address for you to have you say).
So, watch this space.
We're hoping to record mid June.



Wow, we have a new area.  Maybe a few scatter cushions and potpurri and it'll start to feel a little more like home!  Our old area (which is still there) is tucked away in the School Clubs. You can get to it by clicking this link; There are a few photos and some very old recordings of the Choir there.  We'll be updating these soon, so keep a eye out for them. 

These year has been amazing so far!  To start with we sent out over 80 letters with children who wanted to join Choir.  And as our Choir is all about enjoying singing, anyone from Years 4 to 6 can join.  This number usually drops in this first term -but only slightly this year -we still have well over 60 children still attending Choir each week.

Another amazing fact is just how many `gigs' have been lined up for us leading up to Christmas.  The news of just how good we are must be travelling fast!  The first is on Wednesday 23rd November at Asda (Robin Park Retail Park).  We'll be down there from 11am, so why not come and listen to us perform.  Asda are having a Community Day Event, and are very kindly providing the children with lunch as a way of saying thank you.


Friday 25th November 2011

Well, our `gig' at Adsa on Wednesday was a huge success.  We arrived at about 11am and sang for 45 minutes.  We chose to sing some of our old favourites (as it is/was a little early for Christmas songs).  Lots of our mums, dads and friends turned out to watch our performance -and we'd like to say a great big thank you to you all.  In fact, our `gig' was near perfect; we were complimented on our singing by Howard (Hywel) and Jamie from Rock FM-they said "you sing better than a lot of the songs we have to play".  How good's that?  In fact, the only thing that `spoiled' the experience was our musician breaking a sting on his guitar -we're going to have to have words -we can't have that, can we?

We may well have some video to share soon -watch this space!

Click here for a sneak peek of a couple of songs we tried recording back in May.

sneaky peek

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