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Hello our little Year 2 lovelies!


This week in English we are going to continue to work on using appropriate adjectives to describe a setting. Remember we are looking for quality not quantity again, so we don't want you to write lots and lots, just make sure you think carefully about what you do write to make it the best you can! 


We are sticking with settings again this week and this time we have chosen a mysterious setting for you!




First we would like you to have a look at the Magic Tree picture below and name (write the nouns) as many things as you can in the picture. Then (you can use a coloured pencil for this bit!) write some adjectives to describe what you can see.



Next we have had a go and writing some pretty boring sentences. See if you can add/change adjectives in the sentences to make them more interesting.



Today you are going to be writing your own sentences about the magic tree. You might want to use these sentence starters to help you write interesting sentences and keep your readers hooked.



Today we would like you to think about and draw your own ideas for your Magic Tree.



Finally today, we would like you to use your ideas from yesterday to write about your own magic tree. Try to include lots of good, carefully chosen adjectives so that the reader gets a really clear picture of your tree in their heads.


Don't forget to send us your work on Weduc mail

We're looking forward to seeing it.


Have a great week!