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Explorers' Week -From Monday 12th February 2018

Explorers' Club -Friday

Wow -today was great.

We started by looking briefly at the story of Scott of the Antarctic.  How he had been on his way back from the South Pole when he and his team got caught in a blizzard.  He had left specific instructions at base camp, however, these hadn't been followed properly.  As a result, he and his team did not survive.  They were just 11 miles from their supplies.

The first thing we did was to leave supplies for another group.  Then we set their starting point and wrote out clear and precise instructions on how to get there.   Then, we gave the group the instructions.  Once we had retrieved the supplies -we were able to enjoy the fruits of our labour -marshmallows, hot chocolate and polar bear biscuits made by Mrs Carlson.  Wow, what at treat.  

Explorers' Club -Thursday

Today, we looked at direction.  We faced certain landmarks that we can see, then we made 1/4 and 1/2 turns.  What could we see then?  We loved this activity, and we did it really well.

After break we thought about, and talked in our teams about the activities that we had undertaken this week.  We made notes so that we would be able to write an Explorers' Blog.  Check some out below.

Take a look here at our DT model camps.

Explorers' Log -Wednesday

We were asked to scale our sketches of our camps to 3 times bigger.  On Monday, we had to establish base camp.  This needed to be 12m . If our camp measured 3m x 4m, our new camp became 9m x 12m, from 12mto 108m2.  Take a look at some of our work.

This afternoon, we started to build models of our Explorer Camps.  Take a look.  They're work in progress -but hopefully we'll have them finished soon for you to see.

Explorers' Log -Tuesday

We were lucky again today to be able to make it to the ALPS (first thing anyway, after break time it rained).  We were set the task of discovering the creatures that inhabit the wild space.  You'll be surprised to know that their are Yetis and Yaks, Wolves and Penguins, even Unicorns and Ice Goblins.  That's what we found, honest.  Take a look at us at work.

Then, after playtime, it was raining.  Although we are brave and bold explorers, we don't like the rain too much.  So, our next activity -which involved scaling (making our camp designs 3 times bigger) had to be done under shelter.  Take a look.  Still rather brave we think.surprise


This afternoon, Tuesday, the children in Year 4 will undertake a Reading Web Quest.  Recently, we researched and wrote about polar bears.  We'd decided that we would like to help them by adopting one through the WWF website.  So, we are completing a sponsored Reading challenge.  Wish us luck.  Click on the picture below to start your adventure.

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Explorers' Log -Monday


This morning we began our Polar Bear Explorers' Club expedition of the ALPS.

Our first task was to establish our base camp.  Each group, armed with trundle wheel and metre stick, had to find and mark out our camp.  Each camp had to be 12m squared. Take a look below.

Then, in our next activity, we had to check what supplies we had in our rucksack.  We had to predict 5 things that we thought would be in there and give reasons why.  Once we'd done that, we had to discuss 3 things that we were surprised to find in there.  Here we are, busy at work.