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February 2019 Holiday Club

Wow the fun we’ve had these holidays!


We did lots of crafty things, including making a vase out of a glass jar and lots of tissue paper flowers to go in it.

We used foam stickers and other materials to make a picture and we scrunched up tissue paper to make a 3D picture.

Some of us also made magnets out of salt dough that we painted different colours. 

And we made special photo frames out of lolly pop sticks, glitter and sequins. They were very lovely gifts for our parents.


We did lots of baking too! 

We made 2 chocolatey rocky roads, one using melted chocolate, glacé cherries, mini marshmallows and digestive biscuits, and one using melted chocolate and digestive biscuits decorated with gelatine free gummy bears. They were so yummy, but the chocolate melted quickly so it was very messy!

We made smartie biscuits that were very tasty but the children said they needed more smarties!

We also made a Victoria sponge cake using fresh cream and jam.

we made chocolate flapjacks and had popcorn whilst watching a film too.


We made designs with the Hama beads and Lego, we made lots of slime and playdough and of course had lots of fun playing outside on the bikes and with the sipping ropes, bats and balls and football.

Our trip these holidays was to Tru Ninja in Warrington and it was so much fun! We loved climbing up the wall and jumping onto the huge airbag.


We balanced along the tipping benches and that was really tricky, they tipped when we were halfway across and you fell into the huge foam pit. 


We we had a go on the balancing bars using the rings to hook ourselves along them.


some of us had fun throwing the other staff in the foam pits too!