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February - March 2019

1st - 5th April 2019


This week in afterschool, we decorated plant pots and planted flower seeds in them. We coloured and decorated a kite and tried to fly them outside, we made a fidget spinner and did some dotty sticker pictures. 


We baked cakes, and made fairy bread using food coloured water and decorated biscuits with chocolate and sprinkles and made chocolate cornflake cakes.


On Friday we had a party as its the last day of term. We had party food and played lots of games, it was lots of fun!


In physical fun we had relay races, running races, obstacle course and played traffic lights. The children are so competitive!

25th - 29th March 2019


This week we have been  making our Mothers Day cards and gifts.


The children chose their own colouring pictures and word searches to do during the week, and also asked for writing paper and gel pens.


We made fantastic models using the lego, and enjoyed role playing with the dinosaurs an superheroes. 


We love the messy play tray, we made lots of slime and added glitter and food colouring to the shaving foam.


For our daily physical fun we did the bean game (jelly bean, baked bean, runner bean etc) mega ball, a football match, races in the hall and rounders.


We also baked biscuits and scones. Yum yum! 

18th - 22nd March 2019


This week the children have asked for free crafting, so one day we had out craft materials, gems, sequins, pipe cleaners,feathers etc. One day we had out paints, boxes and craft things again. Another day we also had out jewellery an made bracelets and necklaces. Towards the end of the week we began our Mothers Day crafts.


We have baked Smartie biscuits and chocolate crispy cakes, and decorated biscuits, they were very tasty!


We have had out the pool table, hama beads, cars and garage, dinosaurs, slime, cornflour, shaving foam and books in our quiet den.


Our outdoor physical fun was an obstace course, a circuit row, a football match, a race around the large playground and mega ball.



11th - 15th March 2019.


This week we have made an owl using cups and string, made a snail using card and buttons, and used various materials to decorate a car. We also did some free painting and crafting.

We decorated paper planes then had a plane flying competition to see who's would fly the furthest. 


We got out the houses, furniture and play people and the children loved role playing. We got out the dinosaurs and added shreddies and pretend grass. The children made water guns and houses with the lego which we saved and they played with all week. 


For our physical fun we did relay races, had an obstacle course, had a football match on the MUGA, played rounders and had team races. The children love competing against each other in their teams!


We also had a dance challenge, some children preferred to watch but others really enjoyed showing off for their friends! 


We went to the hall and played games like wink murder, bulldog and ladders.


The girls asked for a pamper night, so we got some hairbrushes and bobbles and had makeup and nail polishes out. Even the boys joined in!

4th - 8th March 2019

This week we have made boomerangs, a pokemon or unicorn pencil holder and a frisbee. We also had junk modelling out to make Fortnite buildings and people.


We baked jam tarts, a chocolate cake and decorated biscuits.


We had mats out to practice gymnastics, play food to play shop and cooking, and we had a car race with the remote control cars.


In our physical fun sessions this week we played over head under legs, had running races, played tiggy scarecrow, completed an obstacle course and played skilly.


We also had free play on the MUGA and KS2 playground, some children played football on the MUGA and others played catch on the playground.

25th - 29th February 2019


This week we have had lots of fun crafting. We made flutes using straws, made tie dye butterflies using baby wipes and sharpies,  we did foil painting and made a peacock using feathers and other crafty things.


We had lots of fun with slime, making all sorts of colours. 


We baked fairy cakes and chocolate chip biscuits.


On Friday we had a talent competition! The children did a variety of things, singing, dancing, timed model making, telling jokes, and magic tricks. They were all fantastic!