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Friday 10th February

What a week!


Well done to our pupil of the week for his focused attitude, beautiful mosaic and developing love for learning.



In Maths this week we have been looking at measurement. We started by converting between cm and mm, we then compared then lengths and finally ordered the lengths. 



We have finished focusing on Vesuvius Poovius. We wrote a character description of Vesuvius on Monday, then wrote a diary entry from his point of view. Finally, we reviewed the book.



In science, we carried out an investigation to find out the best material to use to make curtains. We knew the curtains would have to be opaque. We investigated by shining a torch onto an object and looked at the darkness of the shadow.



We learnt all about Roman Mosaics and even designed our own, ready to make next week!


Internet Safety Day

It was internet safety day on Tuesday, we started the day by writing instructions on how to stay safe online. There were some top tips to follow! In computing, we learnt about our digital footprint and thought about how the photos we put online give an impression of us.. We thought about how we would like to be seen online, and how we can achieve this impression.


Roman Visitor

On Friday, we spent the full day with one Roman soldier and one retired Roman soldier. They taught us all about the Roman empire and it's army. They taught us that life in Ancient Rome wasn't all fighting. They were very intelligent,hygienic and thoughtful people! Check out the photos from the day!


If anyone has found a girls coat that doesn't belong to their child, can they please return it to school!


Have a great and safe weekend!