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Friday 10th February 2017

We know we say this every week, but...What a busy, busy week we've had here in Year 4.

In English, we have been imagining that we are Duncan -from `The Day the Crayons Quit (you'll remember we mentioned it last time).  We have been writing a response to the crayon letters.  It's been fun, and challenging.  Our teachers wanted us to use more of a `formal' tone in our writing.  Our crayon letters didn't need that last week, but these do.  Using different tones in our writing is something that's difficult to understand initially.  However, we got there.  Let's explain.  If you were writing a letter to a friend about going on holiday, your letter would probably sound quite chatty, almost like you were having a conversation face-to-face with your friend.  Whereas, if you were writing a letter to apply for a job you wouldn't use the same language or `tone'.  We wanted Duncan to sound more business-like.  Take a look at some of our letters, we're sure you'll agree that the way we say things in the letter is different to the way that we might speak to our friends.

On Tuesday it was Safer Internet Day.  We looked at the importance of thinking really carefully about sharing things online.  We thought about what happens when we hit the button to share messages and photos.  We realise now that once the button has been pressed, there is no going back.  We can't take back that message, or photo.  Also that once something has been posted very, very quickly lots of people that we might not even know would have access to our photos or messages.  This made us realise just how important it is for us to this carefully before sharing anything online.  Take a look at some of our work.
Maths has been great!  We have been looking at, not clock-watching!  We have been learning to read the time using an analogue clock.  Until Thursday we were steaming ahead.  We could tell you whether it was past the hour, to the hour....groups of 5 minutes...evne down to the minute.  How good were we?  Then, on Thursday, our teacher introduced comparing analogue to digital times! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!  Though, we have to admit, it was a bit of a slog, we did start to get it.   Our teachers didn't seemed phased at least (that is to say there was no greying or loss of hairsurprise).  Anyway, our teachers told us that once children `hit' this concept, it usually happens that our confidence drops slightly.  They also said we have lots of time to grasp this idea.  Anyway, apart from simply working in our books, you be pleased to know, we also used some of the Snappy Maths games to help our understanding.  Check them out here...and here ...and ....(wait for it...) (The last one is the tricky one...give it a go.)

On Wednesday, we had a treat when a lady from the Healthy Schools Team came to work with us.   We were given lots of scenarios to consider.  We were really sensible and grownup as we chatted about them and sharing our ideas with the class.  We're sure you can tell that from the pictures below...

That's all for now, drop in next week to see how we're getting on.  Bye for now.