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Friday 10th January

Happy New Year!


In English we have been learning a new story - The town and Country mouse. The children have learnt a model version of the story using pictures and actions to help. We sequenced the story and ordered pictures in order to retell the story. 


In Maths we have continued to learn numbers to 20. We have been comparing groups of objects as well as comparing numbers. 


We continued our Geography topic which is all about our local area. We took the children on a local walk by turning right outside of school. We noticed the features of the area. 

We then constructed a map of Montrose Ave and completed a key to support our map. 


In Science we have started our new topic which is all about humans. We first looked at our senses and discussed the 5 senses and what we use each sense for. 



Please check Weduc for a message about an upcoming trip to the Farm.