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Friday 10th January

Welcome to 2020 in Y6.


There were strange goings on in Y6 this week. The classroom desks were all arranged in rows, boys and girls were separated into different rooms were they were made to do different lessons (boys did drill training while the girls polished cutlery) and the teacher wore an usual coat with tails at the back and walked round with a stick!!!!! 


The children really enjoyed our introduction into our new topic which is set in Victorian times and played their part as we imagined we were in a classroom during the latter stages of the Victorian era. The children were told they'd actually be very fortunate to have been able to go to school as earlier in Victoria's reign, children from Wigan would have surely had to have worked in either a coal mine or a cotton mill. 


All in all a great start into a fascinating time to be  in Y6.


Bye for now!