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Friday 10th March

Friday 10th March


Welcome to this week’s blog from Year 5F.


Maths – The children have continued to look at fractions this week. They have been investigating multiplying fractions by a whole number. They have found out that before you begin you need to turn the whole number into a fraction. For example, 5 would become 5/1 or 7 would become 7/1. Once you have done that then you multiply both the numerators (top numbers) together followed by multiplying both the denominators (bottom numbers) with each other.


1/6 x 7=

1/6 x 7/1=

Numerators 1x6=6 Denominators 1x7=7

So, the answer would be 6/7.


Take a look at this website which allows you to multiply fractions…

English – The children have been looking at the spelling rules for words ending in cial and tial. Also, they have continued to look at our class book called Tuesday by David Wiesner. The children are using the pictures to make their own book with words, telling the story of the frogs. They have been investigating using commas, brackets and dashes for parenthesis this week. That means adding extra information to a simple sentence. Take a look at how to do it…


The frogs floated up above the swamp.

The frogs, looking dazed and confused, floated up above the pond.

The frog (looking dazed and confused) floated up above the pond.

The frogs – looking dazed and confused – floated up above the pond.


Also, they have been using special sentences to help tell the story such as an IMAGINE 3 and a DOUBLE LY sentence. For example,


Imagine a place where the glittering rays of the sinking sun scatter over the rippling water, where tall bulrushes sway gently in the evening breeze, where brightly coloured flowers smile sweetly: the pond is a serene, quiet place.

Cautiously and silently, the stunned frogs began to levitate over the moon-lit pond.


Science – The children have been investigating gravity. They have used Newton meters to measure the amount of force acting upon classroom objects.


Topic – The children have continued with our topic called Wordsworth and Wainwright. They have been looking at mountain ranges around the world and used atlases to identify them on a map.


Here is our CERTIFICATE WINNER for this week. He won for impressing ALL the Year 5 teachers, his singing was a delight to hear and watch. A great start to our Easter Assembly rehearsals.

A big thank you for all the returned PARENT'S EVENING slips we have received so far. We look forward to seeing you on either TUESDAY 21st MARCH or TUESDAY 28th MARCH.


All that remains to say is have a super weekend and we will see you again on Monday.