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Friday 10th May 2019

Welcome back to Year 4 blog.

In Maths this week we have been comparing and converting fractions to decimals.  We have to say, we're quite good at it.  We were faced with problems such as - 7/10 = what as a decimal, and, 7/100 = what as a decimal.  We also converted the other way -0.56 is what as a fraction, and, 0.4 is what as a fraction?  It is all about dividing by 10 or a 100.  We move the digits to the right when we divide.  For divide by 10, we shift the digits one place.  So, 7/10 is the same as saying 7 divided by 10, the 7 shifts one place to the right to give us 0.7

Why not try out this online activity. Here

In English we have been busy planning our `Hot Task' for writing.  Our teachers gave us a choice of things that we have in the classroom that might decide to quit.  If you read our blog last week, you will know that we looked at `The Day the Crayons Quit'.  Then we received a letter from the Year 4 pencils saying they weren't happy on how they were being treated.  So on Tuesday we started to think of other things in class such as chairs, rulers, reading books and blu tac that might not be happy with how they're being treated.  We can't wait to write up our letters as we have some really great fun ideas.  We will post some of our work up later.