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Friday 10th May

Welcome back!


This week has been a very busy and focused one with SATS around the corner. What strikes the staff is how relaxed and calm Y6 have been which is a really good sign as it shows how ready they are for what is always an intense, challenging week! 


While we haven't undertaken any formal test condition practice this week, we have been working hard in applying a wide range of skills into a wide range of activities, problems, questions and challenges very similar to what the children will be faced. 


In order to best prepare your child for the start of SATS, it is vital they are well rested, having enjoyed ample sleep. They must arrive in school punctually every day because arriving late could result in a child becoming anxious or flustered. A good satisfying breakfast is also a must! 


SATS week will come and go before you know. We feel pretty sure that the children will give it their best shot: the test themselves will be administered in such a way to maximise children's ability to remain focused and ready to access the papers. 


Have a great weekend!