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Friday 10th November

Hello and welcome back to Yr5W blog.



Times table work started the week; accompanied by some Captain Conjecture work. Captain Conjecture is where we are given a statement and we have to agree/or disagree but prove it with calculations.

We followed this by looking at the BAR model for working out addition and subtraction calculations.

                                                   So 74 + 26 = 100

                                                         100 – 26 = 74

It gets a little trickier when you are given a word problem and you have to decide where the numbers should go.

E.g. There were some birds in a tree,

15 birds flew into the tree followed by 12 more.

There are now 48 birds in the tree.

How many were there to start with?

So: - whole = part + part

48 = (15+12) +?

48 – 27 = 21

Answer. There were 21 birds to start with.

Try the interactive bar model games.



At the beginning of the week, we carried on with work based on the story of Bling. We were given a suspect identification sheet and had to describe the Chimichanga, in preparation for completing a wanted poster. We also had to write 2a and simile sentences describing the Chimichanga.

We followed this by looking at changing verbs to past tense. Sometimes it’s as simple as just adding ‘ed’

  • pick – picked call – called stay - stayed

Other times a letter is taken off before adding ‘ed’ or ‘ied’

  • bake – baked chase – chased force – forced
  • cry – cried deny – denied bury – buried

Some words (with a short vowel sound) have their consonant doubled

  • beg – begged tan – tanned skip - skipped

Some don’t follow any rules.

  • sleep – slept catch – caught run – ran

I think you’ll agree, there’s a lot to remember!




This week, lessons were on the lifecycle of mammals. In most mammals the stages of life go from the fertilized egg, to the foetus, the juvenile and the adult.



In topic this week, we watched a short clip about the Vikings and answered some questions about them. We also looked at atlases and labelled a map to show where Denmark, Sweden and Norway are in relation to Great Britain.

Cinema Trip

As we walked to the cinema so we didn’t go to assembly. Our trip to the cinema was amazing, even the teachers enjoyed the film!

And finally

This Saturday is 11th November (Armistice Day). Armistice Day marks the day that armistice was signed between the Allies and Germany to end WW1. It took place at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.Traditionally a two minutes silence is held to mark the event.

However after the outbreak of WW11 many countries changed the name of this day. Members of the Commonwealth chose to call it Remembrance Day. In the UK, it’s known as both. It’s held on the 2nd Sunday in November every year.