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Friday 10th November

Here is our blog for this week...


As usual, year 6 has had a very busy week! We have done some work around the film 'Paper Planes' in English, which looked at themes in the story. We also used one of the images from the film to write a dialogue between two of the characters.


In maths we have begun fractions, looking at simplifying and comparing them. Children realised that they absolutely, desperately need to know their tables inside out and back to front in order to do fractions confidently. Please quiz your children on their multiplication tables whenever possible - I'm sure they will impress you!no


We have started out new topic on capital cities this week, looking at London to begin with. We were impressed with their knowledge of the capital city. In science we have begun looking at simple circuits.mail


We were really lucky to have a cinema trip on Thursday to see The Eagle Huntress. This was a real life documentary which challenged stereotypes and delivered the message of following your dreams!heart


Have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday!