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Friday 10th November

Hello again


In English this week, we have examined key features of our text, Paper Planes and identified key settings, characters and themes. We read the first whole chapter together and answered a range of questions that required retrieval of information, understanding how vocabulary is used and supporting ideas from the text. It is vital that children use relevant direct quotes to prove their ideas are justified. Development of these skills will be ongoing. Help can be offered at home by asking children what their ideas are and what has given them their ideas. 


In maths we have embarked on our long study of fractions (it is such an important branch of maths). It begins with understanding what a fraction is and that every fraction has equivalents that use different numbers but are equal in value (eg 1/4 = 3/12). It moves to comparing a pair of fractions, which has begun, and ordering sets of fractions. 


In topic, we have identified London as the capital of our country, looking at some of its famous landmarks and tourist attractions whilst posing the question: what makes a capital city a capital city?


Finally in science, we have revised what the common components are in a simple electrical circuit and have identified reasons why some circuits do not work. In addition, the children were challenged to find out whether a bulb would light with just a battery and one wire. Take a look below for the answer.........


Have a good weekend!!!