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Friday 11th December

Welcome to 5W's blog of the week. 



All our concentration in maths this week has been on conquering our times tables. It is not only important that we know our multiplication facts, but also can recall our division facts too. We have been chanting our times tables, completing lots and lots of worksheets, playing multiplication and division games such as bingo, and using games online to achieve our times table skills. Some of us even looked at using partial tables to tackle bigger division problems. It has been a very, very busy week in maths for us all. 

Throughout the week the children have been tested on their times tables facts in order to achieve their times tables bands, amazingly 21 different bands were achieved and Jessica even received her Gold Band! All the teachers are very proud of you all and those children who are so close to getting them, keep trying, there is always next week! 



This week our English has been based around our topic 'The Vikings'. We started the week by looking at the many different Gods the Vikings worshipped. Unlike Christians, Jews and Muslims, the Vikings worshipped more than one god and were called 'Pagans'. The place where the gods lived is called Asgard and Odin is the head of the Gods. Odin is the father of Thor, who we have probably all heard of. Thor was the God of Thunder and could control the skies with his almighty hammer. 

We moved onto looking at what happened during a Viking Raid, we completed a storyboard showing what happened to the villages and people who lived in the villages. We then wrote a diary entry from a monk's point of view. The children described the fear and dread that they must of felt during the violent attacks. 



This week the children have investigated how the Vikings travelled from their homeland Scandinavia to invade and settle in other countries, such as England, Wales and even Greenland. We found out that places in England that end in -by, -ton, -dale, -kirk and -gate come from the Viking language and are places where the Vikings once settled in. 


On Wednesday the children were invited to Abraham Guest High School to compete in a 'Bushtucker Trial' afternoon, an afternoon full of fun science and experiments! Whilst there, the children designed and built a parachute. In order for the children to be successful their plasticine man needed to stay attached to the parachute and land back down to earth. They also mixed a variety of gross materials together in order to see what happened to them and record the chemical reactions that took place. The children really enjoyed their afternoon and they were a credit to the school, well done year 5. 


Our certificate this week and the trophy was awarded to all of 5W! This is for their dedication and tremendous effort towards their times tables this week. Keep it up next week and you never know we may even have another 21 bands going out! 


Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday for our final week of 2015.