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Friday 11th December

An end to our final full week in school, and what a busy week it has been.


Well Done to Dale who won our pupil of the week for his determination and persistence in conquering the bus stop method.


Our star readers this week were: KJ, Tegan, Braydon, Callum, Anmol and Scarlett. Well done and keep it up!



We have continued to master division this week, we are all fantastic at using the bus stop method to divide. We moved on to answering challenging division word problems. We also re-capped on everything we have learnt this term! That took a while because there was so much!



Our new focus book is The Snowman! We looked at the pictures in the book and created our own story to match. We then made comparisons between the film and the book, there was lots of similarites and lots of differences. Towards the end of the week we thought about what the Christmas period is like in our homes and thought about those less fortunate than us, where Christmas is not a happy time. It made us realise just how lucky we are!



I hope you all enjoyed our drumming assembly on Monday. We certainly enjoyed performing for you, Mr Fletcher was very impressed also!



The Stone Age was the focus for the first topic lesson of the week! We looked at images of Skara Brae off the tip of Scotland. This is one of the best preserved Stone Age settlements in Britain, it allowed us to look at how the Stone Age people lived and gave us an insight into the jobs that they had! We then moved on to look at the Bronze Age, this is when metal became available and they way people lived changed.



We have been looking at the formation of fossils this week. We look at the process and created our own storyboards to show this process.



This week we visited Central Park for a fun filled afternoon of rugby activities, led by Wigan Warriors and their animalaties team! The children represented the school very well and enjoyed the afternoon. On Friday afternoon we had a mini sports day where it was boys v girls & Mr Fletcher. The girls reigned victorious in the benchball tournament, whilst the boys pulled it back in the volleyball round making it even!


Next week will be a fun filled week, starting with our trip to the cinema on Monday morning, so don't forget to wrap up warm for the walk!

Please come dressed to party on Tuesday, as our Christmas party will take place on Tuesday afternoon.