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Friday 11th December

Friday 11th December


Welcome back to Year 5F’s blog for the week.


Maths – This week it has been all about conquering our times tables. We have been chanting our times tables out loud, completing multiplication and division worksheets, looking at how to use partial times tables to tackle bigger division problems, playing multiplication and division board games in class and using the class tablets to play online multiplication and division games like Hit the Button (which can be found on the Topmarks website). As you can see it has been extremely busy! Alongside all this, both Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Roberts have been working with children to prepare them for their chosen wristband. Amazingly, the children have managed to achieve a PHENOMENAL thirty-seven wristbands which have been earned in just 5 days! All the class teachers are extremely proud of the children’s hard work, both in school and at home too.


Take a look at ALL the children with their fantastic certificates and wristbands from this week.

An extra special well done to Callum, Kyle, Joshua and Stephanie on achieving their GOLD wristbands and Liam for achieving his PLATINUM.

English – To begin the week the children found out about the different Viking gods. They discovered that Vikings worshipped many different gods, unlike Christians, Muslims and Jews. The head of the gods was called Odin and was ruler of Asgard, where the gods live. He was father of the mighty Thor. Thor had a mighty hammer and was the Norse god of Thunder.


Also, the children have been learning about how the Vikings pillaged and plundered as they invaded Britain. They watched a short film clip of what a Viking raid might have looked like and then designed a storyboard to show how the Vikings ravaged Britain during their summer raids. They discovered some amazing facts.


Did you know that Vikings took away monks as slaves back to Scandinavia?


Not all Vikings came here to attack. Some of them came here to settle, build farms and converted to the Christian religion.


Did you know that the Vikings that invaded Britain most probably came from Denmark?


The children then went on to write a diary entry pretending to be a monk. They described the fear and dread they must have felt on seeing the army of vicious and violent Vikings attacking their monastery. Some also wrote from the point of view of a Viking boy on his first raid, describing their excitement at becoming a Viking warrior.


Topic – This week we have been investigating how the Vikings settled across England and what evidence there is today to prove that they were here. They have found out that places that end in by (farmhouse), dale (valley), gate (path/track), kirk (church) and ton (hedge/fence/farm) come from the Viking language. Can you spot the names of any places on this map that were named by the Vikings that once settled there?

On Wednesday afternoon, the children were invited to Abraham Guest High School for an afternoon of science. Whilst there, they were able to design and build a parachute so that their little plasticine man could safely land in the jungle. Also, they were able to mix together a variety of materials to record how they would react together. As well as that, the children were able to try some cooked ‘crocodile meat’ and watch a ‘crocodile’s’ heart being dissected. They were totally spellbound for the entire afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Our certificate this week was awarded to all of Year 5F for their enthusiasm and their exemplary behaviour during our ‘Bushtucker Science Trials’ at Abraham Guest.

Just to remind you that the children’s Christmas Party will be on Wednesday 16th December in the afternoon. The children can come to school in their own clothes on the day. Also, school breaks up on Thursday 17th December for the Christmas break. It will re-open on Tuesday 5th January for the Spring term.


So, as you can see it has been another jam-packed week here in Year 5. All that remains to say is to have a fantastic weekend and we will see you back in school on Monday.