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Friday 11th January

Hello and welcome to a very busy and very chilly 2019.


In many ways this term is the most challenging during Y6 as it is the one that sees us concentrate rigorously on reading, SPAG and maths in the build up to SATS.


We actually do very little mock testing: moreover, we consolidate skill after skill and work tirelessly to determine areas in which the children need strengthening. This often includes pace of work because, there's no getting away from it, SATS are timed and children have a set time in which complete papers.


In English, we have looked at the tricky grammatical concept of the passive voice. It's useful in writing when the reader does not need to know who has performed the action of the sentence but instead, focus on who or what has had an action performed on/to them. Complicated eh? It is but many children are using it accurately. 


In maths, we are learning about decimal numbers: what the digits represent, what the digits are worth and how we can use a knowledge of this to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. 


In topic, we have put the finishing touches to our previous topic, Capitals, by finding out about Tokyo and Washington D.C. and using the findings in different writing genres. 


Have a good week,