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Friday 11th March

Hello and welcome to 5W's blog of the week. 



This week in maths we have been comparing fractions to see which faction is bigger than another fraction. We compare using our 'crocodile' signs, some of us had to change the denominators to the same, as they were different. Very tricky work indeed. The children then moved onto ordering fractions from smallest to biggest. The children ordered up to 5 different fractions, needing to change the denominator to work this all out!

Have a go at this game at home and test your fraction knowledge.



This week the children have continued working on their wordless book 'Tuesday'. They have been writing the entire story using super sentences, fronted adverbials, parenthesis, expanded noun phrases, and now they are finished!! The children have worked extremely hard on their stories and they will be up on display this week for you to have a good read at parents evening.

The children visited the book fair this week and had a great time reading stories with the year ones. Have a look through the photos to see all their reading fun.



The children have continued looking at different types of forces.  This week, the children have been learning about friction. Friction is a force we get when two surfaces come into contact with one another. The children created friction simply by rubbing their hands together.  We had a look at different types of shoes and how some shoes are purposely designed to create more/less friction. We learned that ice has very little friction, that's why it is so slippy!



In topic the class have continued studying Alfred Wainwright and William Wordsworth. They have all written some excellent biographies about these historical figures. They have included lots of important information about their lives and why they link with the Lake District.


Our certificate winner this week was Leon, for a wonderful attitude to learning! He has completed his work to a high standard, impressed all year 5 staff and worked extremely hard. Well done Leon, keep this up! 

Another well done to Rhys for being the first child at the whole of Westfield to receive his GOLD badge for spellings. And well done to Jessica who was a close second. Again, brilliant to see so many children achieving their bronze and silver badges, keep this up!


Please ensure you are reading at home, preferably on a daily basis, if possible :)


All that is left to say, is I hope you have a brilliant weekend and we will see you on Monday.