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Friday 11th March

Where is the time going? Another week in Year 3 done, and what a week it's been!


Alysha was awarded this weeks pupil of the week for her perfect punctuality and thirst for knowledge after returning from her operation.


Can I take this opportunity to ask children only take time off school in necessary circumstance as learning is being hindered by persistent absences. 


We started the week by looking at the properties of 3D shapes and created them using nets. We then moved on to look at angles and found out that they are a measure of a turn. Right angles have 90 degrees! On Wednesday we used our right angle finders to identify right angles in the classroom. On Thursday we learnt that 4 right angles make a turn. We did this by drawing on the playground. Check out our pictures.



In English we continued to look at Matilda. We started the week by creating our own character and wrote a character description about them on Tuesday. On Wednesday we created our own horrible school similar to Matildas. This became the setting for our characters first day in their new school which we wrote a narrative for on Friday.



It was our final practice for our drumming assembly with Mr Grimshaw before the big day next week. We can't wait for you to see it and don't forget your ear defenders.



In topic we learnt about the great Celt leader Boudicca, She seemed like a very fierce women. Mr Fletcher said he wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of her.We then looked at Roman Mosaic designs and started to design our own ready to make them next week.



The book fair has been in school all week and we got the chance to check out the books with Year 6. It was great fun.