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Friday 11th May

Hello and welcome back to 5W’s blog. What a fabulous Bank Holiday it was. Hope you wore lots of sun screen!



In maths, we finished multiplying decimals and followed it with dividing them by 10, 100 and 1000 and then a division challenge. This led to rounding to whole numbers before rounding to one decimal place.



Well, we’ve almost finished writing our versions of the wordless book ‘Tuesday’.

We’ve included lots of fronted adverbials, simile sentences and parenthesis as well as adverbs, adjectives and a variety of punctuation. Following this, Miss Power asked us to think what emotions and speech might be used and we wrote these in speech and thought bubbles around a picture from the book.



We carried out our experiment on gravity, using a Newton meter that was marked in newtons and grams; we recorded the results of the chosen objects. First, we placed the object in a plastic wallet and hung it from the force meter.


We looked at the feature of mountains this week. We drew our own and labelled it with the features.

Pupil of the week is David Rzeznik for his dogged determination; …….

Achieving his 2, 5 &10, 3&4, 6&9 and his 7&8 times table bands in 2 weeks.


May we take the time to wish Yr 6 and Yr 2 good luck for their SATS next week.

In the words from Mrs Baker’s assembly

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week.