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Friday 11th May 2018

In our blog this week, we'd just like to share...
This week we received a special parcel.  Now, you may well know that our teachers like to buy books for us to read, and so we thought `Hooray, books!".  However, our teachers claimed to know nothing about the parcel.  Well, what an absolutely amazing surprise.  It was a parcel from our favourite author -Alex Bell.  Yes, Alex Bell! Wow!
Alex sent us -a bookmark for all the Year 4 children, and a lovely letter.  Here's the letter.

We are really touched that Alex took the time to write to us, and thank her very much.  We loved her last sentences...


"I very much hope you keep reading and learning -and also that you continue to use the power of books to make the world a better place.  Well done to you all!"


We will Alexno


Bye for now, see you next week.