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Friday 11th October 2019

Welcome back to the Year 4 blog.  This half term has really flown by, don't you think?  We have only one week left of it, and what a busy week our last week is going to be.  We'll come back to that shortly, but first, what have we been up to we hear you ask.

Well, let's start with Maths.  

We have been looking at Roman Numerals.   Roman Numerals have some very specific rules.

Can you convert these Roman Numerals to Arabic (that's the numbers that we use)?


XVlll =              XXX lV =               XLlll =       XCV =


Now, why not try out this online Roman Numeral activity. Here

In English, we have been planning and writing our own sets of instructions based on our work in Talk for Writing.  We have had great fun with this.  Some of our titles are How to Capture the Loch Ness Monster, How Catch a Dinosaur and How to Defeat a Dragon.  You'd be amazed by how well we have written.  We have used lots of features of this genre including subheadings, fronted adverbials of time, imperative verbs...whoa, the list is endless.

Next week, we will be writing our `Hot Task'.  We can't wait.


So, next week is really busy.  On Monday and Wednesday we have Parents Evenings.  Our teachers are really looking forward to seeing our mums and dads to tell them what a great job we are doing.  On Thursday, Year 4 will perform our Autumn Assembly.  Our parents are in for a real treat.  Without giving too much away, they'll see what Talk for Writing is all about, they'll find out some amazing facts about Autumn and Harvest, and they'll also be treated to some brilliant singing.  Bet they can't wait!

Anyway, we'll see you next week.  Bye for now.